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Help Create an Affordable Path to Homeownership

Donations Through Easter Are Matched!

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$25,000 goal

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Homeownership transforms lives, bringing stability that makes overcoming the everyday challenges of life possible. Your donation will make a tremendous and lasting impact on a family and on a community right here in Northern Kentucky. Help create an affordable path to homeownership today!

It is extremely hard to find a quality affordable home right now. Our waiting list is growing and we can’t keep up with demand.

Acquisition and construction costs have remained high, adding well over $20,000 to each home we rehab. Your donation will help bridge the growing gap between what it costs HONK to develop a home and what a HONK family can afford.

Special Opportunity to Double Your Impact: Donations made between now and 3/31/2024 are being matched dollar-for-dollar by a most generous local family!!! This match isn’t capped until we reach $25,000! So, if we are able to raise $25,000 they will contribute an additional $25,000!!

Families on our waiting list will have an opportunity to become homeowners with your support. Every dollar makes a difference.

Please donate today and your donation will be matched!!